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Missoula City Council Committee Meetings Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Jeffrey Park - Approved an agreement that will provide for reimbursement to
the developer (Twite) for green-up of approximately 6 acres of an 8.9 acre
dedicated neighborhood park in the upper Linda Vista Neighborhood. The land
will initially have power, water, grading, import of top soil, irrigation
system, asphalt walkways, grass seeding, and planting of 32 trees. The
developer has dedicated all the parkland at no cost to the City. This means
each dollar of City Park Impact Fees is matched by $2.78 from the
developer. Long term the amenities such as a playground, picnic shelter and
sport courts could be added (would need funding). This is important
considering the number of homes in the development and in the Linda Vista
area in general.

City Cemetery - Discussed recommended amendments to Missoula City Cemetery
and fees
As I mentioned April 5, we have previously discussed in this committee the
City Cemetery intention to participate in the selling of monuments. This
ordinance amendment would provide the permission and fee structure for that
initiative. As on April 5, we heard dissent from private companies who
provide monument services. Rather than set a public hearing for June 26th,
we held this item in committee until 6/21 for further discussion. Topics of
discussion included a new requirement that the cemetery staff set all
monuments whereas right now the monument companies can set their own. We
also talked about oversight of this work by the cemetery board, laws in
other states (CA
that disallow cities or counties from engaging in monument sales, just who
would sell the cemetery the monuments they plan to use and more. We'll see
what happens.


Approved purchase of four sets of Hurst hydraulic extrication tools
(jaws-of-life type tool). This expense is primarily funded from a grant
with the remaining amount coming from a previously funded engine equipment
line item in the FY17 budget.

Approved adoption of the Missoula County, Montana Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan
<http://countypdm.com/missoula-county/draft-plan/>– 2017 update (password:
Missoula). This plan provides a ranking and profile of hazards that could
impact Missoula as well as planned mitigation strategies to reduce those
impacts. Hazards included things like wildfire, hazardous material
incidents/ railroad

derailments, flooding, severe weather and drought, communicable disease,
avalanche, earthquake, dam failure. The plan is LONG but pretty cool with
lots of maps. Heidi talked about how she wishes we used this and plans like
this more in development planning.


Authorized the Mayor to sign a contract with Morrison Maierle, Inc. for
$64,232.00 for engineering services needed to complete rehabilitation work
on Momont #1 Lift Station. The City is in the process of rehabilitating or
replacing the aging lift stations throughout its wastewater collection
system. A majority of the existing lift stations were constructed in a wet
well/dry pit configuration where the wastewater pumps are located
below-grade in a metal enclosure. The Momont #1 Lift Station was initially
constructed in 1981 and serves the Wye area west of Missoula. This lift
station was never intended to serve the development that this area has
experienced in the last few decades and is currently the limiting component
of the overall Wye area collection system. The pumping equipment has been
in service for almost 30 years and is well beyond its useful life. In
recent years the City has experienced ground water leaking into the dry pit
and a corroded force main just outside the lift station. This
rehabilitation will replace the wet well/dry pit configuration with an
above-grade, submersible pump package lift station similar to the majority
of the other lift stations around the City.

Approved City/MDT Utility Agreements necessitated by the relocation of
water and sewer mains caused by the Russell Street Roadway Reconstruction
Project. MDT partially funds (75%) direct construction costs for relocating
existing utility lines if their project impacts the utility lines. The
Russell Street Roadway Reconstruction Project will affect the location of
the water and sewer mains and appurtenances in and adjacent to the Russell
Street corridor. The City of Missoula will pay for engineering services for
the relocation work and 25% of the construction costs. This ‘match’ money
will come from each of the utility/enterprise funds for water and sewer.
This utility relocation work as part of the roadway reconstruction is
expected to occur during the 2018 construction season. This goes along with
the WGM agreement we discussed on April 5 that I reported on. As mentioned
then, this project is important because it will greatly enhance the water
service in that area.

BOARD AND COMMISSION VACANCIES - Applications are accepted until the
positions are filled.

Cemetery Board <http://ci.missoula.mt.us/2027/Cemetery-Board>

Design Review Board <http://www.ci.missoula.mt.us/1622/Design-Review-Board>

Historic Preservation Commission

Thanks for your interest,

Michelle Cares
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