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Could someone explain why a property owner would have to pay to have our alley paved? We own a home on West Adler downtown and we have already replaced our sidewalks and curb/gutter on our own dime. Our alley is in terrible condition. I may be young and naive but do our taxes pay for any alley  improvements downtown? Someone please school me on this topic ;-) 



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> My neighbors just all got together, got a bid and paved our block of alleyway since there was so much dust and huge potholes.  To my knowledge, the city doesn’t pay for or even subsidize this practice and if they do, I am looking forward to receiving some kind of credit. 
> I got burned on new sidewalks.  After my block requested an SID for sidewalks and curbs and having that approved and installed, the city then came back 2 years later and said we had to replace more of the sidewalk.  We were not happy and there was no reasoning with anyone at city hall about this.  My advice: wait for the city since they seem to have money in place now, or you too could become tangled in a similar situation.
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> Good morning Shaun.
> The subsidy is only available on City-mandated projects. (If we broadened it to voluntary projects, we wouldn't be able to predict the budget implications and it would make the program much larger.) So there is an advantage to waiting for the project to come by you because otherwise the subsidy is not accessible. If you had a perfectly good sidewalk, it wouldn't be redone.
> We haven't returned to the alley paving issue but there are some outstanding requests for information. As it stands, this is the time of year when engineering is getting ready for a whole bunch of projects so I am not sure answering those are priority items for them. When we return to the question, though, I'll let you know.
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> Thanks for the detailed plan, Jason.  As a slant street home owner, I'm contemplating replacing my deteriorating sidewalk, hopefully using the city's help. The stamp on my current sidewalk is 1913...history is heaving outside my door.  I see that my area's slated for 2016-2018.  Is there any downside to replacing my sidewalk sooner?  Will it be reassessed or dug up and redone to match other work?  Would you recommend going ahead with it while there's a subsidy?  Also, I'm wondering what was decided about paving alleys.  Thanks for all you do and for keeping this list serve flowing.  We so appreciate it. Shaun
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