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Kate Jerrim Ybarra kjerrim at missoula.com
Tue Mar 29 10:22:08 MDT 2011

Regarding the discussion of the levee and being in compliance with the
army corps of engineers. The over grown trees along the river bank
have been an issue for years now and as Geoff Badenoch pointed out on
this list serve, it wasn?t addressed many years ago by Howard Toole
because he didn?t want to be perceived as the city official who clear
cut the river front. Given the longevity of this problem, I am not
sure why this is so pressing now. Are we being fined or something?

I will admit here I haven?t read all this too closely so if I am
speaking out of school, I apologize. But I surely hope that an
inventory of some kind will take place and that not all these
offending trees will be taken down in one fell swoop. Wouldn?t it
make more sense to go about this over a period of time cutting a few
trees that are larger than 4 inches each spring? This would be much
less dramatic. I don?t think folks fully glean what this will look
like aesthetically. Also even if they are not native trees they do
promote some good. See:

I sure hope that Able Tree service isn?t starting this project April 2nd?..

Kate Ybarra

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