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Really, when you get right down to it, isn't it all about living the Golden Rule?


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I generally look at government as the entity we construct to manage the collective affairs of the community. This includes things like encouraging and enforcing behaviors the community wants encouraged and enforced. This isn’t an issue of passing responsibility from the individual to the state. If anything, the proposed ordinance is the opposite. It proposes making people responsible, in a heavy handed way, for a certain behavior.
I think what Patrick is saying, taken to an extreme, is that laws are unnecessary since each person should control their own behavior. That would be nice but it’s not very realistic and does not acknowledge the way we are all interrelated in society. My actions do affect my neighbors. The trick is finding the right balance between what must be controlled by the state and what is best left to individuals to sort out. Laws, and law enforcement are not nearly as agile and nuanced as individuals in solving a problem.
Possibly the frustration Patrick is expressing is over the tendency to try to delegate more and more of our behavior as things that the state should intervene in and control. Making a new law is not a way to say we are no longer responsible for our actions, it is an acknowledgment that we have failed to be responsible. In general, I would agree that we tend to think that by making a law, a problem will go away. This is rarely the case as laws tend to treat symptoms and not causes. If by making the law, we think we are relieved from the work of building a world where people do the right thing, we are fooling ourselves.
This may get to another point of disagreement. Is it even our job to “build a world where people do the right thing?” Some folks would prefer that we all just mind your own business. I’m more of the mind that my actions do in fact affect other people’s actions and like it or not this is an unavoidable law of the universe. This is the self serving side of social work or “healing the world.” Make a world where people are fulfilled, happy, and their needs are met so they don’t steal my stuff or hurt me. Making the world a better place is accomplished through our personal actions and the work we do for the community, and a number of other things. Making a law is the biggest, bluntest, and easiest to grab tool in the tool box.


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Is it not the responsibility of government to punish people that act irresponsibly and break a law? And is not a point of punishment to be a deterrent to bad behavior by others? It seems to me there is a shadow of an attitude hovering over this discussion and that attitude is it's okay for me to give alcohol to teens because I'm a responsible person and s0 long as I think I'm a responsible person, where's the harm?

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I agree. There has to be a limit to which SOCIETY, CHURCH and GOVERNMENT
control behavior. People, whether parents or children or neither, take full
responsibility for their behavior regardless of what it produces. The only
responsibility that SOCIETY, CHURCH and GOVERNMENT owes to people is to
inform them of the consequences of their actions and behavior. Once that is
known and everyone implicitly acknowledges, it becomes solely the individual
choice. Whatever social, religious, legal or economic consequence then
becomes the individual to bear.

Granted we have the familio-, socio-, religio-scars to bear, but we have to
accept the individual act, the individual choice, to behave. The criteria
that distinguishes us from the general animal kingdom is the ability to
choose, regardless if it is wise or not. No other animal is capable of
choice beyond mere survival.

People who drink, whether by rational choice or some obscure psychological
or peer-pressure excuse, deliberately choose their action. Parents likewise
choose who support such behavior.

Bottom-line is that parents and children must choose responsible behavior.
It is not ABSOLUTELY NOT society's and government's responsibility.

----- Patrick

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