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Sorry, I meant to share this with the list and didn't correctly "reply"
so here it is. Apologies to you Geoff.

Ken Thompson

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This may be a bit simplistic, but while I agree with Geoff about having
a safe vehicle absolutely, I have noticed that with some of the huge
trucks and such downtown, it is hard to see the parking vehicle
sometimes. Maybe they could have one of those flags like the bikes that
have child-cars attached have? Just a cheap and easy way to allow for
more visibility.

Ken Thompson

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I would love to see the City use more non-combustion engine vehicles!

For employees like the parking enforcement officers, though, we have to
make sure those vehicles are as safe as possible, which means they have
to be built up with roll bars and so on. When a pickup or SUV smacks
into a scooter-which has happened in Missoula-the results can be serious
injury or, conceivably, a fatality. It is a matter of safe equipment
and safe practices, of course, but all it takes is one inattentive
driver yakking on a cell phone while juggling a cup of coffee and one of
our officer's lives could change forever. In the bad way.

Geoff Badenoch

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It's late so I'm just going to write about a couple of items that were
interesting today.

We had a pre-public hearing on a project being done by the Montana
Sustainable Business Center. This is a non-profit being organized to buy
the 4G property at Wyoming and Russell. They plan to have Home Resource
as their primary tenant and rent the rest of the space to other
businesses and organizations that have ties to the sustainability
movement. One of the lead entities in the project is the Rocky Mountain
Development Group. This is Rick Wishcamper and his partners. They are
the new owners of the Wilma. They are organizing the deal and
purchasing the property now and providing the bridge financing until the
rest of the money comes together. They may also serve as the developer
who builds the thing.

It is a $6,000,000 project and the finance stack, as Rick referred to
it, is fairly complex. Nothing like the Mill Site but still pulls
together a lot of different tools. One of the components is HUD section
108 financing which allows us to borrow five times our CDBG allotment
with the provision that if it defaults we forfeit five years of CDBG
funding. So we want to be sure there is a solid deal that is fully

Technically, our action at this point is to amend our consolidated plan
to allow for this type of loan. The public hearing will be on July 7th.
Click this link for more info:


The other issue that caught my interest today was during the budget
discussion with the parking commission. They plan to buy a new scooter
thing this year for $26,000. A little research on the web shows some
really cool electric ones we can get for much less. Anne mentioned that
she just went to a conference on Green Parking and was very open to such
a thing. I'm hoping this may be the opportunity to get our feet wet
with a plug in electric vehicle. There are also models with little dump
beds and other utility features that make them look like they could have
some application in the parks department. Here are a couple of links:



With the huge increase in fuel prices there finally appears to be real
interest in conservation. This is encouraging. Unfortunately we all
respond best to pain.

One more item I took interest in today was during our review of the
municipal court budget. They need more money for document storage. They
have to store every ticket and every document for 75 years. Some
documents can never be destroyed. This would be fine except that they
actually have to keep the paper document. This is an absurd law and
needs to be fixed at the legislature. Another outdated law that is
costing us a lot of money is that every ticket requires a court
appearance. Even the folks that just want to plead guilty have to waste
a day to go to court and waste the staff's time to process them and
waste the judge's time to meet with them. Everyone should have the right
to argue their case before a judge. But if you don't want to you should
be able to go on the City's web site and click the button for virtual
judge, click the guilty button, enter your credit card and be done with
it. If you add up direct municipal cost and lost productivity of our
citizens this law must cost our state millions.

One last thing. I want to put in a plug for our IT department. They had
no new requests in their budget and actually were requesting less money
this year.

Thanks for your interest,

Bob Jaffe

Missoula City Council, Ward 3

bjaffe at ci.missoula.mt.us


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