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Thank you all for the comments. We will continue to work on it and make
the corrections as noted. Check back for an update in the coming weeks.


Kristin Smith
Land Use Planner
WGM Group, Inc.

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Today's Topics:

1. Re: Bike Lanes (Bob Oaks)
2. Re: Bicycle lanes (Phil Smith)


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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:17:13 -0600
From: "Bob Oaks" <nmcdc at montana.com>
Subject: Re: [MissoulaGov] Bike Lanes
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Hello All,

I appreciate the excellent proposed suggestions for the trail system and
WGM's map. I'd also like to point out the proposed bike trails that
remain part of the Northside Westside Plan. See:
That document includes a map, as well.

It proposes a trail just south of the Interstate between Northside Park
and Scott Street and a trail next to the Bitterroot Spur from the
pedestrian overpass of the mainline tracks to Broadway and then across
to McCormick Park on an add-on augmentation to the existing Rail Road
bridge. In recognition of this plan-proposed Bitterroot Trail
extension, the new Safeway redevelopment will be required to include a
one-block section of trail between the new store and the tracks.

The recently concluded Broadway Corridor Charette Plan should also make
reference to this long-desired bridge crossing of the Clark Fork at the
Bitterroot Spur ROW. I think these Northside trail suggestions may go
way back to the first Nonmotorized Transportation Plan that Mary Jean
Gillman (Feet First) worked with more than ten years ago.

To me, they still make great sense.

Bob Oaks
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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:18:37 -0600
From: "Phil Smith" <PSmith at ci.missoula.mt.us>
Subject: Re: [MissoulaGov] Bicycle lanes
To: "Jim McGrath" <jmcgrath at missoulahousing.org>, "Kristin Smith"
<KSmith at wgmgroup.com>, <missoulagov at cmslists.com>

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Hi all,

FWIW.... There are several locations where what's called "existing" on
the WGM map and what's on the ground are not the same; McGrath points
out one. That's ok...the map doesn't have to be perfectly accurate to
stimulate discussion-per Kristin's idea, potentially as input into the
transportation plan.

Phil Smith

406- 552-6352.

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Subject: Re: [MissoulaGov] Bicycle lanes

This map indicates there is an EXISTING bike lane on Russell from 14th
to Broadway. Really?


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Subject: [MissoulaGov] Bicycle lanes


We have a lot of folks in our office who bike to work from all parts of
the valley. We have brainstormed on where Missoula's bicycle network
could be expanded and have prepared a map for discussion purposes. If
you're interested, you may view it at:
http://www.wgmgroup.com/Bicycle_Network_11x17.pdf. Since the
Transportation Plan is up for revisions, this is a good time for the
community to think about where new bike routes could be added.


WGM Group

Kristin Smith
Land Use Planner

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E-mail:KSmith at wgmgroup.com
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http://www.wgmgroup.com <http://www.wgmgroup.com/>

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