[MissoulaGov] Committee update 10-24-07

John Rettenmayer johnrettenmayer at mac.com
Thu Oct 25 07:59:59 MDT 2007

It seems to me that argument (about infill driving people to the
outskirts) would hold water only if the infill areas were being
abandoned. But if the infill areas are still occupied it just means
that demand for housing exceeds supply and that various factors
attract and/or encourage people to build at the outskirts.

John Rettenmayer

> During the discussion there were some comments about encouraging

> sprawl. Jon Wilkins said something to the effect that we shouldn’t

> be complaining about sprawl because those of us that have supported

> infill have done more to create sprawl than anything else that has

> happened. This infill has caused people to flee the neighborhoods

> and build in the outskirts of town. Personally I think this

> argument is bunk. But I have heard it repeated a lot. Does anyone

> know if there is any data that supports or refutes this position?



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