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This morning we started out with conservation. We had a presentation
regarding the pools. Here are a few tidbits. The excavation is complete for
the new 50 meter pool. So no more risk of surprises underground. All is
proceeding as planned.

Combined attendance at Spartan and McCormick pools in 2003 was 33,000.

Combined attendance for Currents and Splash in 07 are 170,000.

'06 was the pool operators dream. We didn't open the pool until June 21. So
the contractor was still paying utilities during the first few weeks of the
season when the weather isn't so good anyway. Then we had perfect outdoor
pool weather all summer.

High temp 101

Days over 90:

June: 3

July: 19

Aug: 8

Sept: 2

Then in 07 it got even hotter.

High temp 107

Days over 90:

June: 18

July: 30

Aug: 14

Num days over 100 = 10

It turns out that when it gets over 99 degrees people don't like to hang out
at an outdoor pool anymore. Especially when it is smoky. But fortunately we
had Currents to hedge our bets because people did go to the indoor pool on
the smoky days.

The swim lessons are extremely popular. The trend these days is to start
teaching kids to swim much earlier. People call for lessons for their two
year old children. The facility is also being rented after closing by the
scuba and kayak groups. Soon pool time will be as valuable as ice time.

We also discussed allocation of open space bond money for the section of the
Milwaukee trail between Russell and Reserve. Earlier in the year we
contracted with WGM to research and contact land owners regarding easements
for the trail. Phase two is to do appraisals and actually make deals. Then
we will have to actually make the purchases. We are hoping it can be done
for around $150,000.

In A&F we just renewed our contract with Allegiance to manage our health

In Public Works we had a couple of unscheduled presentations. Steve Earl
from Mountain Line told us about their new service to the airport. You can
get out there 11 times a day. They also made a deal for long term parking at
the parking garage downtown that is a better deal than what the airport

We also heard about the status of the Arthur/5th/6th project. The
Engineering department in conjunction with the university has drafted up a
new proposal that is similar to the other new proposal the university was
floating last winter. The ball is in MDT's court. They need to do
engineering to see if it is feasible. If so there will be another public
process to get feedback.

We also discussed the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant at the Wye
again. The project looks like it may be making a comeback this time. In
committee last week the council was very cold to the idea of expanding the
service area to accommodate the development. This is on the corner of Waldo
lane and Highway 93. It is just down the hill from the Wye going towards
Evero. There is a ten acre lot where they want to do some kind of commercial
development like a grocery store. The ground water out there is
contaminated with phosphates from peoples septic systems. It is at the
level on this site where they will not be able to develop without sewer.
The sewer main will run down the street adjacent to the property.

They say that some day (5+ years) there will be a light at Waldo lane making
the connection with the highway safer. As far as other essential services
like water, fire, and police. who knows.

It passed in committee this time. I'm not really sure why we voted on it
since we voted on it last week. It got sent back to committee on Monday
night but I don't think that triggers a re-vote without a motion to

During the discussion there were some comments about encouraging sprawl. Jon
Wilkins said something to the effect that we shouldn't be complaining about
sprawl because those of us that have supported infill have done more to
create sprawl than anything else that has happened. This infill has caused
people to flee the neighborhoods and build in the outskirts of town.
Personally I think this argument is bunk. But I have heard it repeated a
lot. Does anyone know if there is any data that supports or refutes this

Thanks for your interest,

Bob Jaffe

Missoula City Council, Ward 3

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