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Thu Oct 18 21:44:02 MDT 2007

Bob and listening Council Members,

I do not mind the use of email by the Council as a public form of
communication. I personally find it useful when I want to see what past
conversations occurred and what lead to specific decisions. If all of the
council members would actually like to make sure that the Open Meeting
laws are not flouted, I think the Clerk needs to collect any notes passed
at meetings between council members and record any whispered conversation.
That would truly level the playing field for everyone. As long as
everyone acts professionally and cordially I do not see any problem with
you continuing the practice.

As far as finding blank email on the server it is not a mystery. I
actually receive several a week by individually that click the mouse to
vigorously when opening email. They inadvertently send a blank email to
me. It is usually followed by the email that was intended, without any
recognition that a blank email was sent beforehand. Sometimes the practice
of making electronic communication easier also leads to human error.

Please do not be intimidated by those that dislike newer forms of
communication and keep these emails a part of the public record for

David V. Gray
Ward 6

> Bob, I'm being inundate with email spam. The most recent new ones

> are of 2 kinds -- 1)subject lines in a meaningless Asian language and

> 2) blank ones with no subject and no message -- only a date.


> Are city emails subjected to these nuisances? Is that a possible

> explanation for the blank emails?


> Don Simmons



> On Oct 18, 2007, at 9:48 AM, Bob Jaffe wrote:


>> I know this is probably the most important issue on the minds of

>> the community right now so I wanted to clarify one small point. The

>> letter to the editor yesterday suggested that council members had

>> deleted some of the content from the emails requested by the

>> Missoulian.


>> The request went through the city clerk’s office. The emails were

>> pulled from the city backup server. We had no involvement in the

>> process or editorial capacity over the emails that were posted. We

>> have no idea why some of them were blank. The clerk does not know

>> why some of them came up blank either.


>> As is often the case with letters to the editor, this one appeared

>> to be driven more by ignorance and malice rather than a desire to

>> arrive at the truth.


>> I am amazed at how often we see impassioned letters to the editor

>> or public comment speeches that are based on completely false

>> premises that could have been cleared up if folks simply asked for

>> the facts or an explanation before getting all worked up.




>> Bob Jaffe


>> Missoula City Council, Ward 3


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