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Bob, I'm being inundate with email spam. The most recent new ones
are of 2 kinds -- 1)subject lines in a meaningless Asian language and
2) blank ones with no subject and no message -- only a date.

Are city emails subjected to these nuisances? Is that a possible
explanation for the blank emails?

Don Simmons

On Oct 18, 2007, at 9:48 AM, Bob Jaffe wrote:

> I know this is probably the most important issue on the minds of

> the community right now so I wanted to clarify one small point. The

> letter to the editor yesterday suggested that council members had

> deleted some of the content from the emails requested by the

> Missoulian.


> The request went through the city clerk’s office. The emails were

> pulled from the city backup server. We had no involvement in the

> process or editorial capacity over the emails that were posted. We

> have no idea why some of them were blank. The clerk does not know

> why some of them came up blank either.


> As is often the case with letters to the editor, this one appeared

> to be driven more by ignorance and malice rather than a desire to

> arrive at the truth.


> I am amazed at how often we see impassioned letters to the editor

> or public comment speeches that are based on completely false

> premises that could have been cleared up if folks simply asked for

> the facts or an explanation before getting all worked up.




> Bob Jaffe


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