[MissoulaGov] Bikes Yield at Stop Signs?

Robin Halmilton robinlhamilton at bresnan.net
Tue Jun 5 15:01:05 MDT 2007

Bob and others, I think this is a good bill and the Idaho authorities say it
is a non issue. I'll need the support of the bicycle community to testify in

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007 08:26:41 -0600 (MDT)
"Bob Giordano" <mist at strans.org> wrote:

> Regarding bikes yielding at stop signs: I'm forwarding some emails from

> this past legislative session to shine some more light on the issue..


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> *email 1, some background on what was proposed, from January '07:*


> http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2007/billhtml/HB0581.htm#About


> This is a link to a bill that would allow cyclists to proceed through stop

> signs and (in some instances) red lights, if it is safe, without coming to

> a complete stop.


> This seems to be a good bill- for safety and for equity of cycling.


> At stop signs, most often it is not necessary to come to a complete stop,

> only necessary to yield. A cyclist, with the way derailers work, benefits

> immensely from slight momentum, instead of starting from a dead stop.

> Yet, most importantly perhaps, is that cyclists, unlike drivers, can

> readily determine if stopping, yielding or proceeding is appropriate (all

> the senses of a cyclist are strongly engaged).


> At red lights, it is sometimes much safer to proceed through the

> intersection instead of waiting for traffic to build up. Many cyclists

> (and peds) are injured or killed at stop lights each year due to

> inattentive driving. (replacing signals with modern single lane

> roundabouts would likely be a better step).


> This bill seems to promote personal responsibility on the part of

> cyclists. We (society) have become so used to lights and signs directing

> traffic flow that we have forgotten that we all do share the road and have

> responsibility to use it properly and cooperatively.


> What do others think??


> -Bob Giordano, MIST


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> *email 2, the final status of the bill, around Feb. '07*


> The 'bikes yield' bill (sponsored by Robin Hamilton, and based on a

> similar law passed in Idaho) did not go through- a big reason, apparently,

> was the msla police opposed it. But then, they withdrew their opposition

> after talking to police in Idaho that said it was a 'non-issue' for them

> (but the bill had already died).


> Bikes yielding at stop signs, esp. neighborhoods, makes good sense.

> Traffic signals are more complex of an issue. MIST is working hard to 1-

> replace signals with single lane roundabouts where appropriate and 2- make

> sure signals are designed with peds and bikes at the forefront of safety.


> -------------------------------------------------------------


> Should there be a movement to get this bill, or similar, passed in the

> 2009 legislature? Should it be just stop signs, or include red lights

> like Idaho's law?


> thanks, -Bob Giordano, MIST





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