[MissoulaGov] 2007 ball season, issues.

Keith Blackwell keith at mzla.com
Sat Jun 2 10:34:56 MDT 2007

Hi Bob,
Q. In an email last fall, it was indicated that the City would be
re-writing the Osprey Ballpark's Use Agreement. Has this been done?
I want to make sure I have current info.
Also, will the barricade blocking Hickory Street be staffed by Play Ball (or
one of their lessees), or by the "event" as per the copy of the Use
Agreement that I'm working with? Has this been re-written to accommodate
the interests of the Osprey Management?
I want to make sure that, before accusing the City and the Osprey Management
of flagrant disregard of this contract, I have the current edition.
I feel that the provisions that I ask to be enforced - just 2, which are in
the contract for the protection of our neighborhood, should not be
I feel that the City has made every consolation possible to the Osprey
Management, and I am shamefully BEGGING you to throw us a bone and enforce
this one, tiny part of the contract which is there for the protection of our
neighborhood. I can only imagine the financial liability that the City is
risking here if/when someone is maimed or killed by one of the drivers
speeding to or from one of the "events".

Please, throw me a bone here! There are many other things I'd rather do
with my free time than pester you about this.

Here's a snippet from that email:



The administration is going to work on revisions the Use Agreement to
reflect some of the issues above. Council will take up revisions to the
manual of policy later this fall. It was requested that the referral to
revise the agreement be specific to reflect the sections that need revision.

If folks have suggestions for what they would like changed please let me
know over the next month. My guess is we will go after this between late
October and December.


Bob Jaffe


Also, anyone more interested in seeing the Use Agreement and my complaints
about the lack of it's enforcement may do so here:


Thanks for your time and attention. I look forward to this being behind us,
and honestly, this could be resolved QUITE easily.

Keith Blackwell
704 S. First W.
Missoula MT 59801

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