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Paula, we did talk about that during the committee meeting. The main
obstacle is time, since we must make a decision by August 20 -- state law
doesn't give us much time to decide on subdivisions, especially minors like
this one. Also, Jim Nugent expressed concern about requiring the property
owner to do offsite improvements regardless of whether they would be on
property under city authority or under county authority. We did make a
condition of approval of the subdivision that the property owner must pave
the road all the way to Lower Miller Creek Road; that will require approval
by the county but I think we figured that will not be a problem. Finally,
the committee was not interested in requiring sidewalk improvements offsite
but made a waiver of protest to a future RSID/SID for curb, gutter and
sidewalk a condition of approval. We will have a discussion about this on
committee reports, and possibly consider amendments, on Monday night, FYI.

I hope that answers your question. --Heidi Kendall
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> Thanks, once again for keeping us informed. Question:



> Why can't there be negotiations with the county so that improvements

> extend to the road on the Graceland and other developments?


> Paula Hofmann


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