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Here's the thing about the City and the County...Most of the County
residents are CITY residents. Most of the time the people in the City think
the County is a separate government for smaller communities like Lolo and
Seeley Lake and Frenchtown and the rural areas. It is government for them,
but people in the CITY are the ones who make up most of the voters and who
own a great deal, if not a majority, of the tax base that funds the County.

Just tell the County the same thing you tell the City if you want
negotiations to move ahead. The Commissioners work for you, too. And tell
your neighbors in the City to remember that, too.

People can't forget stuff like that, especially when it comes to issues like
land use planning and infrastructure planning. The County Commissioners
WANT to hear from City residents about these things. It's the only way our
representative democracy can work.

Geoff Badenoch

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Thanks, once again for keeping us informed. Question:

Why can't there be negotiations with the county so that improvements
extend to the road on the Graceland and other developments?

Paula Hofmann

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