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Why couldn't Missoula government underwrite/ sponsor/and/or set up a revolving loan program for solar panels -- both for hot water heating and electricity? If Great Falls is willing to secure financing for crappy coal, why can't Missoula do it for healthy sun?

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On August 6th the city council authorized the mayor to sign a letter of intent to enter into a contract with Electric City Power to buy electricity.

This decision has come under fire in the last couple of days after the Montana Environmental Information Center sent out an action alert to their members. MEIC has opposed plans to build a new coal fired power plant outside of Great Falls. The purchase agreement from the city helps secure financing for building that plant. After receiving a salvo of emails from our friends in the conservation community it has become apparent that this issue deserves more discussion.

There is concern that the decision was made without adequate public comment. There was a presentation on Wed. 8/1 in A&F and it was on the consent agenda the following Monday.

The actual contract with ECP is being considered by the administration and will be presented to council in the next few weeks. So there is still an opportunity for folks to weigh in on the particulars of this deal and for the council and community to have the debate over whether we should go forward with this proposal and if so, what the terms should be.

Here is the link to the A&F meeting with links to further documentation including the contract:


Bob Jaffe

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