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Marilyn Marler marler at bigsky.net
Sun Aug 5 12:20:33 MDT 2007

I kept waiting for someone to post an update on the Public Works Committee meeting on Aug 1, and then realized I should probably do it.

We started by resuming discussion the proposed pedestrian/wildlife crossing under Hillview Way.

Background: Jackie Corday at Parks has been advocating for a culvert undercrossing on Hillview Way near the school; this would be for pedestrians and wildlife. Benefits would include promoting walking to school, better neighborhood access to some natural areas, and a place for wildlife to cross under the road instead of across it (where they tend to collide with vehicles). She gave a presentation at the PW meeting on 7/25, which was well received. Most members of the committee seemed supportive of the project as long as the cost ($150-$200k) was not added onto the SID that is funding the rest of the work. Everyone appreciates that this is an expensive project- $3 million. Personally, I think that undercrossings like this, which would be similar to the culvert crossings under Orange St and Reserve St, should be considered a normal part of the road project and not as a special interest, but I do appreciate that this is already a real expensive SID for this neighborhood.

We began the 8/1 meeting with public comment (since we didn't have time for that the previous week), several neighbors expressed support including willingness to help find funding. Then Ed Childers made a motion that we add the culvert crossing as an alternative to the road design, to be built if funds were available WITHOUT using SID funds and without money from the city's General Fund. This means the money would have to come from grants, donations, and other creative sources. This motion failed 3-4 which surprised me. If you live in the South Hills and are interested in seeing a pedestrian undercrossing, you should follow this conversation. Watch for the SID creation process in PW in the next few weeks.
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