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I really can't understand that. The city claims a commitment to non-motorized travel - here we have a very busy corridor - existing ROW (no acquisition needed) - and yet every year they chip seal the whole thing and pave large sections of it. Stripe it too. I mean, what would it cost in the big scheme of things to add an extra 2 or 3 foot strip of asphalt on to each side of the road to make it safe to ride your bike or walk the road.Hell - in the winter I wouldn't even risk walking to the bus stop and I had a free pass. Potholes the size of the marianna's trench and nowhere to go with the side of the road being mud and unpaved.That really is a shame. If they are taking city works out there to do the paving and chip seal every year, why not add a little extra pavement.Surely that would help encourage some more cars off the road in the interim 6 years, no?I won't start on Johnson. (I won't I won't I won't)From: geoffb at ism.netTo: jhwygirl at hotmail.com; jodi at allison-bunnell.net; mist at strans.org; missoulagov at cmslists.comSubject: RE: [MissoulaGov] 5th and 6th Street re-stripeDate: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 21:39:19 -0600

Don’t look for that to happen.
South Third Street between Russell and Reserve
is tied up in Russell Street Bridge and Street
reconstruction planning. Current plan is to do it in the year 2011-12 or
so. The project keeps slipping in its schedule so don’t hold me to
that. It is unlikely the City would spend the money on a fix like you
have suggested—although it is a much needed improvement—if there
are federal dollars somewhere to pay for it in four or five or ??? years.


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While we are at it - and since
there is yet again another band-aid fix happening on S. 3rd St. W between
Russell and Reserve - why can't the city pave an extra 3 feet on each side of
the road, in the ROW that they already have, and put enough room there for
pedestrians and bikes to safely utilize that ROW without having to dodge
pothole the size of Texas?

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