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While we are at it - and since there is yet again another band-aid fix happening on S. 3rd St. W between Russell and Reserve - why can't the city pave an extra 3 feet on each side of the road, in the ROW that they already have, and put enough room there for pedestrians and bikes to safely utilize that ROW without having to dodge pothole the size of Texas?> Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 19:16:28 -0600> From: jodi at allison-bunnell.net> To: mist at strans.org; missoulagov at cmslists.com> Subject: Re: [MissoulaGov] 5th and 6th Street re-stripe> > OK, sounds like we have a viable proposal here. And soon (oh, please so> soon!) it will be time to remove the gravel from 5/6th and re-stripe.> > So how do we make this happen? Does Phil or anyone from Public Works monitor> this list? > > Best, Jodi> > > On 8/1/07 2:44 PM, "Bob Giordano" <mist at strans.org> wrote:> > > Ed, the volumes are low enough on 5th and 6th that the issue you speak of> > will likely be a non-issue. With a good driving lane and good bike lane,> > courtesy will be very high and everyone will proceed on their way. There> > would be times that a right turning car would lightly use the bikelane to> > turn right, but just as a bike would lightly use the driving lane to turn> > left. Now that's sharing the road. I'd also propose a 2' painted> > hatchmarked divider to gain just a bit of separation between cars and> > bikes, but only because the space exists to do that.> > > > > > it could look like this:> > > > > > 8' parking, 12' driving lane, 2' hatches ( I\\\I), 8' bikeway, 8' parking> > > > > > notice the direction the hatches are slanted- it would encourage cars not> > to cross 'against' the hatches.> > > > -Bob Giordano, MIST> > > > > > > > Ed Childers said:> >> One item of concern of which we've been apprised: when a lane is wide> >> enough> >> for cars & trucks, cars & trucks will use it.> >> It's possible that traffic volumes can easily be accommodated by the> >> single-lane approach. If so, how should that (motor vehicles in the bike> >> lane) be addressed?> >> > >> Ed Childers> >> Missoula City Council, Ward 6> >> > >> -----Original Message-----> >> From: missoulagov-bounces at cmslists.com> >> [mailto:missoulagov-bounces at cmslists.com] On Behalf Of Nick Kaufman> >> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 1:19 PM> >> To: Bob Giordano; missoulagov at cmslists.com> >> Subject: Re: [MissoulaGov] 5th and 6th Street re-stripe> >> > >> Mount and 14th Street will make an additional route across town from> >> Reserve Street to Authur Avenue to off load some of the 5th and 6th> >> street traffic. Of course, the round-a-bout needs to be installed first> >> on Higgins first(yawn).> >> > >> Nick> >> > >> > >> Nick Kaufman> >> Vice President , Principal, Senior Planner> >> WGM Group, Inc.> >> http://www.wgmgroup.com> >> > >> > >> -----Original Message-----> >> From: missoulagov-bounces at cmslists.com> >> [mailto:missoulagov-bounces at cmslists.com] On Behalf Of Bob Giordano> >> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 1:04 PM> >> To: missoulagov at cmslists.com> >> Subject: Re: [MissoulaGov] 5th and 6th Street re-stripe> >> > >> The volumes are low enough of both 5th and 6th to have a 'one one'> >> situation: one lane for motor vehicles, and one nice wide bike lane.> >> > >> It's frustrating to have officials always say we need to design the> >> roads for exact predicted motor vehicle traffic volumes in the future,> >> but when it comes to having excess capacity, there is reluctance to make> >> that space available for non-motorized transport. It's a double> >> standard that discriminates against cyclists...> >> > >> Jordan has some good ideas about parking.> >> > >> And as Ethel suggests, a 'sharrow' marking all along the right lane of> >> 5th and 6th should be the minimum that the city implements.> >> > >> Even after the City stripes 5th and 6th this week, it would be easy to> >> come back in and convert the right lane on each street to a bike lane,> >> while still leaving the turn lanes at the major intersections.> >> > >> I'd suggest we do just that- make 5th and 6th excellent cross town bike> >> ways. Because the space exists, we could have a 2-3 foot painted> >> divider between the bike lane and car lane. This type of facility would> >> serve the safety and accessibility needs of all modes of transport.> >> -Bob G> >> > >> --> >> Bob Giordano> >> Free Cycles Missoula 541.7284> >> Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation www.strans.org,> >> mist at strans.org, 406.880.6834> >> > >> > >> > >>>> On 7/23/07, elizabeth dye < ekd at blackfoot.net> wrote:> >>>>> John,> >>>>> > >>>>> I completely agree with you. I think 6th Street would benefit> >>>> Missoula> >>>>> commuters (both motor vehicle and bicycle) most of all by re> >> striping> >>>> to> >>>>> provide one lane for motor vehicle travel and one lane for> >> bicyclists.> >>>>> Thanks for bring this up.> >>>>> > >>>>> Liz Dye> >>>>> > >>>>> JOHN WOLVERTON wrote:> >>>>>> Hey All,> >>>>>> > >>>>>> It is really hard to understand how any energy can go into the> >> "re-casting" of a collector or arterial that does not end up with> >> accomodations for a bike lane.> >>>>>> Bicycle-commuting on 6th Street is like a slalom; trying to hug> >> the> >> curb for safety sake, but constantly having to veer left around the> >> numerous and deep stormwater drain-sumps. It really needs a bike> >>>>> lane...> >>>>>> I've rarely seen more than 4 or 5 motor-vehicles qued up at 6th> >>>> Street> >>>>>> stoplights; so if space is an issue perhaps a single> >> motor-vehicle> >> travel lane is in order. That would also allow for right turn> >> lanes> >>>>>> at the stoplights which could alleviate some of the queing. If> >> you> >> believe that 6th Street is an important avenue for moving> >>>> motor> >>>>>> vehicles; properly striped, it could be just as important for> >>>> bicycle> >>>>>> commuters.> >>>>>> > >>>>>> Thanks for reading,> >>>>>> John Wolverton> > > > > > _______________________________________________> > Subscribe at Missoulagov.org> > List Serve hosting provided by www.CedarMountainSoftware.com.> > > > > _______________________________________________> Subscribe at Missoulagov.org > List Serve hosting provided by www.CedarMountainSoftware.com.
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