[MissoulaGov] 5th and 6th Street re-stripe

Jodi Allison-Bunnell jodi at allison-bunnell.net
Wed Aug 1 19:16:28 MDT 2007

OK, sounds like we have a viable proposal here. And soon (oh, please so
soon!) it will be time to remove the gravel from 5/6th and re-stripe.

So how do we make this happen? Does Phil or anyone from Public Works monitor
this list?

Best, Jodi

On 8/1/07 2:44 PM, "Bob Giordano" <mist at strans.org> wrote:

> Ed, the volumes are low enough on 5th and 6th that the issue you speak of

> will likely be a non-issue. With a good driving lane and good bike lane,

> courtesy will be very high and everyone will proceed on their way. There

> would be times that a right turning car would lightly use the bikelane to

> turn right, but just as a bike would lightly use the driving lane to turn

> left. Now that's sharing the road. I'd also propose a 2' painted

> hatchmarked divider to gain just a bit of separation between cars and

> bikes, but only because the space exists to do that.



> it could look like this:



> 8' parking, 12' driving lane, 2' hatches ( I\\\I), 8' bikeway, 8' parking



> notice the direction the hatches are slanted- it would encourage cars not

> to cross 'against' the hatches.


> -Bob Giordano, MIST




> Ed Childers said:

>> One item of concern of which we've been apprised: when a lane is wide

>> enough

>> for cars & trucks, cars & trucks will use it.

>> It's possible that traffic volumes can easily be accommodated by the

>> single-lane approach. If so, how should that (motor vehicles in the bike

>> lane) be addressed?


>> Ed Childers

>> Missoula City Council, Ward 6


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>> Mount and 14th Street will make an additional route across town from

>> Reserve Street to Authur Avenue to off load some of the 5th and 6th

>> street traffic. Of course, the round-a-bout needs to be installed first

>> on Higgins first(yawn).


>> Nick



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>> The volumes are low enough of both 5th and 6th to have a 'one one'

>> situation: one lane for motor vehicles, and one nice wide bike lane.


>> It's frustrating to have officials always say we need to design the

>> roads for exact predicted motor vehicle traffic volumes in the future,

>> but when it comes to having excess capacity, there is reluctance to make

>> that space available for non-motorized transport. It's a double

>> standard that discriminates against cyclists...


>> Jordan has some good ideas about parking.


>> And as Ethel suggests, a 'sharrow' marking all along the right lane of

>> 5th and 6th should be the minimum that the city implements.


>> Even after the City stripes 5th and 6th this week, it would be easy to

>> come back in and convert the right lane on each street to a bike lane,

>> while still leaving the turn lanes at the major intersections.


>> I'd suggest we do just that- make 5th and 6th excellent cross town bike

>> ways. Because the space exists, we could have a 2-3 foot painted

>> divider between the bike lane and car lane. This type of facility would

>> serve the safety and accessibility needs of all modes of transport.

>> -Bob G


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>> Bob Giordano

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>>>> On 7/23/07, elizabeth dye < ekd at blackfoot.net> wrote:

>>>>> John,


>>>>> I completely agree with you. I think 6th Street would benefit

>>>> Missoula

>>>>> commuters (both motor vehicle and bicycle) most of all by re

>> striping

>>>> to

>>>>> provide one lane for motor vehicle travel and one lane for

>> bicyclists.

>>>>> Thanks for bring this up.


>>>>> Liz Dye


>>>>> JOHN WOLVERTON wrote:

>>>>>> Hey All,


>>>>>> It is really hard to understand how any energy can go into the

>> "re-casting" of a collector or arterial that does not end up with

>> accomodations for a bike lane.

>>>>>> Bicycle-commuting on 6th Street is like a slalom; trying to hug

>> the

>> curb for safety sake, but constantly having to veer left around the

>> numerous and deep stormwater drain-sumps. It really needs a bike

>>>>> lane...

>>>>>> I've rarely seen more than 4 or 5 motor-vehicles qued up at 6th

>>>> Street

>>>>>> stoplights; so if space is an issue perhaps a single

>> motor-vehicle

>> travel lane is in order. That would also allow for right turn

>> lanes

>>>>>> at the stoplights which could alleviate some of the queing. If

>> you

>> believe that 6th Street is an important avenue for moving

>>>> motor

>>>>>> vehicles; properly striped, it could be just as important for

>>>> bicycle

>>>>>> commuters.


>>>>>> Thanks for reading,

>>>>>> John Wolverton



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