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Yesterday we changed the schedule around and started with PAZ. Our first
item had to do with the beer and wine license for Mackenzie River Pizza out
on North Reserve street. There was an agreement to zone the site with the
overlay but to include a restriction that forbids gaming.

We then worked on the Wratislaw subdivision at the end of Short street. Its
another 18 units on 4.5 acres. There is not very much controversial about
it. They are continuing Short street on to the north. It will ultimately go
through the next subdivision and connect to Grove street. As that
neighborhood develops there is only mediocre connectivity since there are so
many short courts and cul-de-sacs. But at least there is a good bicycle
network developing.

We authorized the Mayor to sign a contract with Duncan and Associates for
about $250,000 to re-write our zoning. This should be a very involved
community process. It is something we are all looking forward to. We then
discussed the PNC at 2101 Kemp street. I believe Jerry made the referral
because he wanted us to review some of the deficiencies of the PNC process.
We got a short presentation about the PNC process at which time Jon Wilkins
went into a tirade about how he didn't need any more PNC presentations. He
made a bunch of inaccurate statements and stormed out of the room. We then
got into discussing this project specifically. My take was that it looked
great and was a huge improvement over the old trailers that preceded it. It
fit in well with its neighborhood and provided five nice single family
homes. Jerry suggested that it would be better to have one big building and
more yard and open space. I think there is a place for both types of
housing. Some folks clearly prefer detached homes even with small yards. It
sounded like there may be some interest in revisiting the Town Lot ordinance
we attempted a year ago.

In A&F we finished the revised transient vendor ordinance. The primary
changes are that street vendors can't block the entrance or display windows
of businesses without permission of the store owner. If they sell competing
goods to a nearby business they can be asked to move. They also can't park
on the street.

Our only item in Public Works was to approve a $60,000 chip spreader for
streets. We were scheduled to discuss a sewer deal out towards the Wye but
it got delayed. The developers out there are putting $3,000,000 into
extending the sewer. The city is going to kick in a few hundred thousand to
upsize the pipe in anticipation of future additional development. That area
is likely to see a lot of building in the next ten years. Part of the deal
is that there will be delayed annexation. That way we can provide the sewer
but we don't have to annex them and provide city services until it becomes
more feasible.

We then had an extended two hour conservation meeting. We heard more about
our trees. Basically, if we want more trees and we want them better cared
for we need to spend more money on urban forestry.

We also had a report about Greenough park. I learned that there used to be a
zoo there and that little cage building was the bear cage. The city used to
dump leaves there. So then Norway Maples started to grow. Now we have a
problem with the Maples crowding out all the native trees.

We heard about the various watershed preservation efforts in the area. Lots
of interesting stuff about Rattlesnake creek. The ditches are very damaging
to the creek. They take valuable water and fish get stuck in them. They have
installed fish screens on most of them but we were encouraged to look at
ways to close down the ditches that were not getting much use anymore.

We also learned about an effort to put a bike/ped trail all the way up grant
creek. Most of the land owners have agreed to easements. The trail would run
from the Elk foundation all the way up to the trail head past the snow bowl
road. They had looked into using CTEP money but then the trail has to be ADA
compliant. This is difficult since the grade of the valley is about 3.5%.
ADA requires it to be less than 5%. So anyplace that is a little more steep
would require switchbacks and engineering. We will probably try to secure
the easements and put in a gravel trail to start using other funding

Thanks for your interest,

Bob Jaffe

Missoula City Council, Ward 3

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