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I agree with Bob Jaffe on these points, emphasizing that the entire city
would benefit from the changes. -- Heidi Kendall, City Council Ward 1

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> Here is a letter to the editor I sent out yesterday.



> Return to Partisan Elections:

> Our local political parties serve a vital role in creating excitement and

> participation in our local elections. By eliminating partisan elections we

> have effectively emasculated those organizations and weakened their role

> in the democratic process. The effect has been a decline in participation.

> Some say that fixing potholes and sidewalks have nothing to do with

> political affiliation. City Council decisions also cover land use,

> taxation, distribution of public resources, and many other issues where

> an individual's perspective on the role of government and social

> priorities are significant. This is the very stuff that political parties

> help define. Please vote for the return to partisan elections.


> Nine Wards:

> The decision over nine wards ultimately comes down to how you feel about

> Ward 2. Missoula's growth has primarily been on the northwest side of

> town. These new neighborhoods have been annexed into Ward 2. Grant Creek

> and the neighborhoods to the west have distinctly different needs and

> interests than the older Northside and Westside neighborhoods. With nine

> wards those areas will be able to vote for their own representative. With

> six wards we will most likely split the Northside and Westside, connecting

> one to the Rattlesnake and one to the Grant Creek and Mullan road areas.

> One of these central historic neighborhoods will forever be relegated to

> being a numerical minority to the often competing interests of the new

> neighborhoods to the west. This same principal applies to the rest of the

> city as well. As populations shift and we redraw ward boundaries, nine

> wards will give us more opportunity to keep the wards representing

> neighborhoods of somewhat similar needs. If you believe wards should

> represent neighborhoods and areas of common interest please vote for nine

> wards.


> Bob Jaffe

> Missoula City Council Representative Ward 3


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