[MissoulaGov] A few other announcements

Bob Jaffe bjaffe at ci.missoula.mt.us
Thu Oct 12 07:06:43 MDT 2006

I forgot to mention these events:

We will be holding committee meetings in the new council chambers Nov. 15th
and our first council meeting will be there on the 20th.

The West Broadway Charette Kick-Off Meeting is officially scheduled for
Tuesday, October 24th 5:45 - 7 PM at the Missoula Children's Theater in the
Community Room. This meeting will be to introduce the consultant and plan
the process.

There will be a public meeting on Oct. 26th to re-start the 3rd and Russell
project. It will be from 5pm to 8pm at the Franklin School Gym. The
presentation will begin at 6pm.

Bob Jaffe

Missoula City Council, Ward 3

bjaffe at ci.missoula.mt.us


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