[MissoulaGov] "referencing the New Party in all of this..."

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And since the Missoula New Party ended as a membership organization in
early 2002, technically, no New Party has member has served on the City
Council since then. :-)

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Unlike other so-called "parties," the Missoula New Party was a
organization. It defined membership and its membership rolls are intact

within its archives.

No member of the Missoula New Party has served on the Missoula City
since December 31, 2003.

John Fletcher
(former Clerk, Missoula New Party)

At 09:47 PM 10/31/2006, Dave Strohmaier wrote:

>...I'd also caution against referencing the New Party in all of this,

as if

>anyone who favors any of the majority positions of the LGSC was once a


>Party member. Even if some were, I don't think that has any relevance.

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